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Under 5s

I've written over 50 books for under 5s, including...

Baby 101 -- a beautifully illustrated series where big subjects are tailored to little babies 

Anatomy for Babies - cover.jpg
Botany for Babies - cover.jpg
Architecture for Babies - cover.jpg
Zoology for Babies - cover.jpg
Economics for Babies - cover.jpg
Engineering for Babies - cover.jpg

My Little World: Hole-some Fun -- a series of rhyming board books using concentric holes to teach first concepts

MLW Zoom - cover.jpg
MLW Roar - cover.jpg
MLW Hoot - cover.jpg
MLW Moo - cover.jpg
MLW Fish - cover.jpg
MLW Dino - cover.jpg
MLW Daddy - cover.jpg
MLW Mummy - cover.jpg
MLW Egg - cover.jpg
MLW Kiss - cover.jpg
MLW Boo - cover.jpg
MLW Surprise - cover.jpg

Little Snappers -- a range of books with pop-ups and flaps

Snip-snap - cover.jpg
Splish Splash - cover.jpg
Cheep Cheep - cover.jpg
Peek-through Forest - cover.jpg
Peek-through Jungle - cover.jpg

Planet Pop-up -- a six-book series full of zany characters

Monkey on the Moon - cover.jpg
Tiger Takes Off - cover.jpg
Shark Makes a Splash - cover.jpg
Sheep Rules the Roost - cover.jpg
Mouse in the Haunted House - cover.jpg
Bear's Merry Christmas - cover.jpg

Others -- the below represent a selection of my work rather than a comprehensive list

I Like to Squeak - cover.jpg
Noisy Yellow Digger - cover.jpg
Clockodile - cover.jpg
Farmyard Countdown - cover.jpg
Vrooom - cover.jpg
Cock-a-doodle-moo - cover.jpg
Touch and Trace Farm - cover.jpg
Up Up Up - cover.jpg
Down Down Down - cover.jpg
Monster Counting - cover.jpg
Monster Alphabet - cover.jpg
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